Friday, January 11, 2013

Thought for the Day- Life is Beautiful

I saw this on the interwebs some time ago. 

"I spent my young adult years postponing many of the small things that I knew would make me happy ... I was fortunate enough to realize that I would never have the time unless I made the time. And then the rest of my life began."
It resonated.

I think it resonated because I for as far back as I remember, I always found pleasure in the small things. Of course as a child, we all do. I mean, most of us would have been happy with a ball, two sticks and our imagination. Or just dancing in the rain singing a silly song.  Most of us grow out of this child-like phase. However, with me, I think severe social isolation as a child and teenager never really allowed me to grow out of this phase.

In hindsight- I am thankful- for that childishness, as it was the only thing that kept me sane. I went to Cedar Girls School, and I loved the school. My school and I, we had our own secret world, which I regularly escaped into to survive the bullying, the bitching, the back-biting etc.  

I loved the misty mornings that used to coat the fields in a layer of white cashmere, and that odd plume of white smoke that used to curl out of Mount Vernon every evening.  I loved the shadows on the field cast by the the military aircraft flying overhead. I remember chasing after a few in the vain attempt to grab it. Alas- I never ran fast enough. 

I loved that corner behind the school canteen where I could eat my packed lunch in peace, on the floor and crossed legged, the way I would eat at home. I felt safe there. I loved that tree behind the tennis courts, which had the perfectly comfortable root protrusion to perch my bum on and read my novel of the day. 

I loved that old gardener who used to pluck rose apples from the bush behind the 1-7 classroom and give it to me on the sly. There was that one time, we even fed the graveyard monkeys on the sly. 

I loved my favorite nook in the library (it had 6 cobwebs, I counted) and the librarian who always had a kind word (and tissue for the days I needed it) for me. I loved the benches in front of the school's little hydroponic farm experiment, because it for some reason always felt 2 degrees cooler than everywhere else. It was where I studied for my O Level Physics.

The thing is, I had forgotten how to do that in the years that followed. Maybe because I wasn't so isolated anymore. Or maybe working inside a cold grey office with people waiting to back-stab you around every corner isn't necessarily something to find beauty in.

I'm glad to say I rediscovered my childlike love for the small things and actions I used to love before- and I have no plans for letting it go again. I now make it a point to sit beside a window at work- and spend a couple of minutes looking outside. The view isn't astounding, but the waxing and waning of the traffic jams on the AYE, and the slow grind of the giraffe like cranes in the port are  nevertheless a reminder that life is pulsing, leaping and jumping outside.

I wake up early in the morning just to see the sun rising, because in those 10 minutes when the sun comes up, it dapples everything with a sheen of pink and golden light so for a brief moment, I can imagine I am in a land where the roads are paved with gold and diamonds.

And walking in the rain. There truly is no pleasure more beautiful. And with those words, I shall conclude because I just spotted a rainstorm, and my feet are itching for a walk.

Life, dear readers, can be truly beautiful if you made the time to see and do the small silly things you always thought about, but never did. 


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icyHighs said...

puhlezz find out and tell me where that quote's from.
well written, as always.